Flower Girl

My crown is in my heart, not on my head; not decked with diamonds and Indian stones, nor to be seen: my crown is called content, a crown it is that seldom kings enjoy.

— William Shakespeare


BEYOND THIS CITY x The Flower Girl Perth

I had the honour of being adorned by one of Clare Cumming's bohemian crowns. Clare, also known as The Flowergirl Perth, is a whizz with both fresh and dry blooms, creating bouquets, buttonholes, flower crowns, corsages and different kinds of decorations to suit your needs and style.

She's your go-to girl for your ball, your wedding and your woodland fairy needs. I'm always excited to see what she's up to, so if you're on instagram, follow her on @theflowergirlperth to see the amazing work she's done and can do for you. For the time being, feast your eyes on the flower crown she kindly blessed me with.


A big thank you to Clare and everyone who contributed to this day.

It was incredible to be in the secret garden adorned by the work of so many great artists. Such an inspiring moment I'll have to write about in detail another day. Love you all.


Photography |  Sam Leong @samiskeen

             Hair |  Teresa Peh @teresapeh_hairartist

       Makeup |  Elizabeth Yan @elizabethyanartistry

           Nails |  Krystal from Glamour Nail Bar @glamournailbar