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Perth: Ace Pizza

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What I wore to Ace Pizza (blog post here).

On a calm Monday night after work, my friend and I visited Ace Pizza (448 Beaufort Street, Highgate). We parked on a side street across the road. The restaurant was strangely dark, but surrounding neon signs indicated that - despite all the other clues that suggested otherwise - Ace Pizza was still open and ready to feed our hungry souls! I suggest not curiously peering into the resturant’s windows, as the other patrons can see you clearly while you strain your eyes for signs of life. (I totally didn’t do that.)

We chose to sit outside to enjoy the cool breeze. Indoors, the ambiance was a cross between the currently ever-so-popular vintage style with a slightly more ethnic and exotic edge through its diamond wallpapering and indoor arches. Seeing how bustling it was on a Monday night, I would suggest to pre-booking, especially for groups larger than four.

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The prices are affordable, the food - beautifully made. The porky pig town pizza was one of the best pizzas I recently ate (I even ate the crust), and the half-baked heaven was nothing short of astounding. Eat these dishes by yourself and you may get sick of the taste, but eat it with two or more people, and you’d be bouncing off different flavours and sounds of approval around the whole table.

Service was satisfactory. Not the most joyous or warm of waitstaff I’ve come across, but there wasn’t any outwardly rude behaviour (although some may argue, a lack of enthusiasm and charming friendliness in the hospitality trade is… ‘rude’). So will I ever return to Ace Pizza? I definitely will! Time to try another flavour of pizza! And grab another serving of that half-baked heaven..


Stephanie Soediarto

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(Ace Pizza is only open for dinner,
open seven days a week)

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